Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this short survey.

To help us in our planning we would love to know how you feel and so we have enclosed a short survey which we would appreciate
if you could take the time to fill in. Please know that your voice is very important, this will be extremely helpful in our discussions on a way forward.

We would be grateful if the completed forms could be returned by Sunday 9th August.

Every Blessing
Rev Louise Purden

Bonnyrigg Parish Church Re Opening Survey

Q1 How often have you been joining in our online worship

Q2 How helpful have you found the online service ?

Q3 Do you think we should aim to open the church building for worship as soon as possible, or wait for the lockdown restrictions to ease further ??

Note: Current restrictions include 2m distancing inside and out, (this could mean leaving two pews empty between each occupied row, capacity would be restricted to approx. 50 people), no congregational singing, no physical contact. There be no cushions on the pews, nor bibles or hymn books. Image below gives an idea of how the church may look (it’s not our church)

Q4 As it currently stands if we were to re-open at some point in September or October how likely would you be to want to attend worship with some or all of the restrictions described in Q3 ?

We do not yet have a definite plan but it would be helpful to know your thoughts on this :

Are there any other comments or thoughts or ideas you would like to share with us:

Q5 Should we continue to provide an online service after we start to open the church building again. We are aware that a number of members have indicated that it will be a while before they feel confident to return to church, and we know we have many members who were already unable to attend for health reasons. (It will cost between £3,000 to £4,000 to purchase the equipment we need to do this).

Q6 If you have already indicated that you have been unable to access our online service and would like to receive a copy of the service on DVD can you please confirm your details below:

I would like to receive a copy of the service on DVD:

Contact Telephone Number: