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Welcome to Bonnyrigg Parish Church

We are a Church of Scotland congregation based in the centre of Bonnyrigg. Our aim as a congregation is to provide a warm welcome to all who join us. To offer an inclusive, open and affirming ministry, to demonstrate a strong concern for social issues, both in our local community and further afield. We aim to work positively with other church and fait communities. We strive to be a friendly and welcoming church for all.

We would love to welcome you as part of the family of Bonnyrigg Parish Church, remember you do not have to be a member to come along to any of our activities or services of worship. If you want to know more about church membership then please contact the minister who will be only to happy to help!

Greetings from the Manse,

 Last week in our worship we spoke about how sometimes pictures say more that words. 
Our new church posters deliberately don't have any words to allow people to get thinking, the message is Love is Patient. 
Never more have we had to exercise patience as we slowly try and move forward during these difficult days. Patience as we wait for our internet to reconnect as we are in the middle of a work zoom meeting, patience as we try and explain a task set by the teacher for home learning, patience as we wait to get served when only 6 people are allowed in the store, never more have we needed patience. 
When we think of that famous passage from Corinthians 13  the first thing Paul writes is that love is patient,  top of the list. I sometimes think  we underestimate how powerful patience is. 
As a faith community we pray for patience as we wait for our churches to reopen and we pray that  we would be shine his love through us as we wait.
In-Church Sunday Services and Private Prayer : Whilst we remain in these heightened restrictions our Church building must remain closed for Sunday Worship and Private Prayer. 
Places of Worship Open for Easter ?? :  Many of you may have noted the Scottish Government’s statement about their desire to open Places of Worship in time for Passover and the Easter Weekend. At this point we do not know what shape or form that may take, we may still be restricted to 20 people in the church for a service. As soon as we know more we will let you know what our plans are for re-opening our Church. 
Meanwhile we will continue to connect digitally, here are the links for this morning’s Service and we pray you know God’s presence as we worship together. 
OR follow the direct route via: 
The Church Website:  https://www.bonnyriggchurch.co.uk/
Please share all these links with non Internet or Facebook users who may have access to YouTube via their Smart TV. 
I absolutely love when people get in touch and I am very grateful for those who have, please do share your news, your opinions and your suggestions. My email address is LPurden@churchofscotland.org.uk
If you are aware of any members or friends who do not receive this email and would like to receive future ones, please ask them to send their email contact details to Iain Thomson at sessionclerk@bonnyriggchurch.co.uk
Blessings for 2021
Rev Louise Purden

Virtual Prayer Box

During this coronavirus crisis and having no access to our church,
please use this Virtual Prayer Box for any of your requests for prayer.

This prayer box is secure and will go directly to the minister.

Bonnyrigg Parish Church

Giving & COVID-19

A number of members have asked how they may continue to give to the church at this time.

Some additional advise on this is available on
our Giving Page.



Online Service

Sunday Worship 28/02/2021

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